Frankenstein – Mary Shelly

Frankenstein by Mary ShellyTitle: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelly

Publication Date: 1818

Review Score: 5/10

The last book I read and reviewed was Dracula by Bram Stoker and it seemed appropriate to follow this up with Frankenstein, as the 2 books are often considered the most famous of the classic horror novels. However, I must say I was not nearly as impressed by Frankenstein as I was by Dracula.

The novel tells the tale of the brilliant young scientist, Victor Frankenstein, a man so obsessed with the workings of the human body and the idea of creating life that he decides to create a being out of dead body parts.

After plundering graveyards he has the body parts to fashion a freakishly gargantuan and deformed shell of a creature that resembles a human being. However, after shocking the body into life he instantly realises the horror of what he has created and rejects his creation.

Abandoned, lonely and devoid of any human contact, the creature sets out to force his creator to make him a companion or destroy everything he holds dear.

Looking back over the synopsis I have just written of this book I can only think, ‘the story sounds amazing so why wasn’t it?’ The idea is brilliant, and in terms of horror, Frankenstein’s creature holds its own against the likes of Dracula and Mr Hyde as one of the all time greats, but I still found this novel disappointing.

The sheer incompetence, idiocy and irony in everything Victor Frankenstein does is too infuriating to enjoy. The instant realisation he has made a mistake, his reaction to the death the monster causes and his back and forth attitude to creating a second monster is just annoying.

I understand that he is filled with anguish and swirling emotions but to me it just comes across as drawn out stupidity. The monster as a character and his personal story is a fabulous piece of classic horror literature, but the creator is, in my opinion, to ridiculous to enjoy.

However, I am sure there are many of those who completely disagree, so please feel free to let me know why I am wrong!

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