Foundation – Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov - FoundationTitle: Foundation

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publication Date: 1951

Review Score: 9/10

In the first of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, we are introduced to the great planet of Trantor that has sat at the centre of the Galactic Empire for hundreds of years, ruling the unified planets and growing mankind. The entire Galaxy believes in the strength and continuing prosperity of Trantor, well, all except Hari Seldon.

The greatest scientific thinker of his age, Seldon has deduced, through the science of psychohistory, that Trantor and the Empire will soon lie in ruins. Although ridiculed by many, Seldon cannot be ignored and so is given permission to set up the Seldon Project on a far of periphery planet where he can try and secure the future history of mankind.

When Isaac Asimov wrote this novel he probably didn’t realise just how perfect the title Foundation was. Inspiration for hundreds of sci-fi novels, films and comics, the Foundation Series is seen as one of the most influential pieces of sci-fi and in every chapter you can see clear elements that have been used in the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek and are now regular, household aspects of all science fiction.

And why has Foundation been so influential? Simply because it is superb! The ideas are mind bogglingly original, the descriptions are lucidly real and it is utterly gripping from first page to last.

Also, it is worth noting that when I first read Foundation I was by no means the sci-fi fan I am now. This was one of the first books of this kind I had read and although I went into it slightly dubious, it got me hooked.

This is not the cheesy aliens with green skin and big boobs type of sci-fi, this is a stunning work of fiction that has cemented its place in literary history not just as a classic piece of sci-fi but just as a classic.

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